Final Fantasy Online (FFXI) Goldsmithing guide

When I made this guide around 2010, it had a minidatabase on moneymaking items. But in 2021, it has to be out of date. So.. removed it.

I previously linked to the FFXIAH goldsmith list, but I am not sure it is completely up to date any more.

I generally using ffxiclopedia today. It seems up to date.
Of particular interest is
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This section has links to a few static pages, generated from a small database, to show where the money's at, in crafting. Unfortunately, Im not sure if it is still valid in 2021, but i'll leave it for now.
So far, there's an anonymous mix of goldsmith and blacksmith crafting. You'll have to use a separate list (Allakhazam list) to figure out items in your skill range, then come here to figure out which are worth your time. Here are some ooold pages I made:

List of items in the database so far (other page)

List of costs to synth some items(other page)

Note that the "costs" in the above links are somewhat flexible. They are based on averages, usually. So something that is listed as a borderline loss, can actually turn a profit for you, if you get the materials for cheap. (or vice versa if you are too hasty in buying materials).
Make sure compare the prices given with what you are actually paying.

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General goldsmithing tips for FFXI

A few random observations of interest:

2021 skillup Update

SQuare seem to have made this MASSIVELY easier. There is now a much broader range of when something is craftable, and when it stops giving you skill.

For example, crafting gold ingots used to bring you no farther than goldsmith 51, or 54 if you made it from ore. Now, however, there seems to be a cushion window, where you wont be likely to break after 51.. but you can still skillup, all the way to 60!! The FFXIclpedia entry on Gold Ingot conveys this reasonably well, in that it shows it is a "level 51 recipe", but it has "skillcap 61" for it.

An additional change in strategy, is that, with advanced synthesis support from the guild, you can fairly reliably DESYNTH things like gold hairpins. So the gold hairpin route is no longer a massive money hole. (Its only a minor one :)

Reworked skill ladder under construction for 2021...

Skilling up recipies

[All of the following is with synth help until you are close to the leve]

Prior to level 22 is easy. Mostly just go for whatever ingot is "next", within 7-9 skill levels: copper, brass, or silver. This will give you the fastest and easiest skill ups.
Copper ingot to skill 2 (or 3, if you dont like using zinc needlessly).
If you dont sell the ingots, then you can use wind and lightning crystals on em, to synth and desynth copper hairpins to get you another level or two cheaply.
brass ingot to skill 9.
Silver ingot to level 18.
If you are more than 5 skill levels away, just get synthesis support, and go for it. You'll get the most gains this way, and hopefully, you can get the ingredients yourself relatively cheaply.
When you start on silver ingots, first synth with beastcoins for an "easier" synth, then after a few levels, synth from ore to gain slightly higher levels.]

You can get all the way to level 20, by switching to using silver ores instead of silver coins. Dont use synth help when you are within 3 skill levels, for best gains.

old way is to craft hairpins from your silver ingots, then desynth. Keep in mind, however, that allegedly, you can now get skillups just making ingots, all the way to level 29

29-40: mythril ingots (skill 38 synth with coins, or 40 with ores)

It's the big time! Time to start turning mythril beastcoins into ingots! Note that a Mythril ingot is a 38-skill level, so you will probably break a lot at level 28!!
Be warned... at this point, I have now also spent the 100k on a bookshelf, which in conjunction with the cupboard quested in sandoria , gives Moghancement: Fire . This helps tremendously in reducing lost items in fire synths, which is most of goldsmithing.


Allegedly, even though it is a level 38 cap, you can still skill up on making mythril ingots all the way to 49 now

41-48 alternative: Aluminum ingots, from ore.

These used to turn a slight profit on the AH if you buy the ore, at the moment. So synth to cap, if you have patience and high initial investment capital?
49-51: gold ingots (skill 51 synth, from coins)
51-59: in theory, still gold ingots now
I used gold coins to get to 51.
of course if you happen to have THF 60+, farm the coins yourself. Note that "drops" can come from level50 mobs. But "steals" only happen from level 60+ mobs. In theory, you can have a THF subjob to steal, if you have a high-level char. However, your chances of a successful steal, are much, much higher if you have THF at the same level or higher, thant he mob. Additionally, if your main job is THF, you can use the THF-specific gear that enhances steal success.

Note: I lost around 500k (in 2005 economy gil), getting from 43-ish to 51. You REAAALLY want to have a free source of gold coins, if you want to get goldsmith to level 51.

Beyond that, there is of course gold hairpins as skill57 synth. Get synth support and desynth them to get your ingot back most of the time.

2021 update: went from goldsmith 52, to 58, just making ingots, and then hairpins!

My journey continues..

Material Aquisition

Gemstone HQ table
RockGemGem Price

More Outside links's goldsmith minimum skill requirement list

koolaid linkshell has a good beginner's goldsmith guide as well, but only to 36.

Detailed info on theories of HQ Synths. Moon phase, day, and skill level covered.

Useful site for finding out Upcoming guild point item from the guild (has values for all crafts, not just goldsmithing). Also another site

Way Cool Synth Database is currently better than anywhere else I've found for high-level goldsmith synth lists, because of one thing: it lists the gardening recipies for some of the pricier goldsmith items . Like... Elemental Ores FFXI Goldsmith recipie list .

Elemental Farming

Doing a lot of synths, even getting crystals can be expensive. You will want to go elemental farming.
Suggested locations for just elementals:
(for "somtimes", check weather reporter NPCs to see if the weather will match the element)

Tip: even with particular weather triggering their spawn.. certain geographic locations call to them. Water elementals (which you never use) spawn by ponds. However, certain earth elementals prefer certain little canyons in Tahrongi.
Fire and Air elementals may have their own preferences: i have not discovered what they are yet

Alternatively, try atacking Yagudo Summoners (there are no goblin summoners?)
Tahrongi (Mea), Meritaph: Yagudo Mendicant.
Sauromugue, Ostroja: Yagudo Oracle
BUT: unlike free elementals, they are not guaranteed to give you any drops. Im not sure if they do give clusters at all.

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