Leveling locations for 30+

There are a few different guides to leveling locations. But this is my own personalized one, for good exp locations for parties. I keep finding really good locations, but then forgetting them!

This guide is not meant as "places you 'can' level with a party", but "Places you will be getting Rockin 200+ exp every time" type places, so long as ALL your party members are within the given level range.

36-38: Crawler's nest, worker crawlers

40ish: gustav tunnel, Bats

42-44:  beetles in east altepa, near Revalation Rock

44-46: quicksand caves in EAST altepa
48-50: quicksand caves in WEST altepa?
48-51: Garleige basement, Beetles  (G1 only from bombs though)
48-51: Crawlers Nest, Rumble crawlers and exorays(G1)

(48-51: in theory, liches in garliege: G1 paper) 

51-52[3]: Kuftal Tunnel, crabs 

52-54(?) Boyahda tree, crabs

54-56: Cape terrigan on beach

57-60: valley of sorrows: lizards, then bigugly birds

62-64: "sky" (flamingos)

63-70 bibiki bay (misc)

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