Add Entry to Solaris x86 HCL list

This form allows you to let the community know that a particular device you have, works with Solaris x86. It works based on 'PCI IDs". Most devices these days have a PCI ID - even ones that are integrated into motherboards.

If you are not familiar with how to read PCI IDs, please download this nawk script, prtdev. Use it by running

Then use this form to report each device of interest to the community.
If the script reports both "VendorID" and "True VendorID", please report the 'True' one, and put the original one in the 'notes' section.

FYI, the "True VendorID" is the company that really makes the hardware, and the regular "VendorID" is usually the id of a more popular device that your hardware is pretending to be for driver compatibility reasons.

Thank-you for taking an interest in adding to the solaris x86 compatibility list. Please note that you must be willing to verify that you are a real person, with a real device, by giving a real email address.

Your entry will not be added until your email has been verified

Due to potential abuse, yahoo, hotmail, and similar addresses are not allowed. Please get yourself a real email address.

DEVICE TYPE: DEVICE NAME: (name of product you buy from store) VENDOR ID: (for motherboards, put in PCI Bridge ID) DEVICE ID: NOTES: