Solaris x86 compatible systems

This page details which pre-built systems are compatible with Solaris x86. This page is meant as a complimentary resources to Sun's official Hardware compatibility list (HCL)

The systems here are merely 'reported to work' by a user. They have not been through full testing, unless so marked.

Brand CPU speed Solaris Graphics Networking Notes
Compaq DL360 755mhz 8,9 (untested)
(ATI Rage IIC)
Compaq NC3163 (iprb compatible) RAID controller drivers are available in the compaq Solaris Update Disk
Dell Inspiron 4100   8 Xsun+Xfree, XF86-ATI
(ATI Radeon)
3com Etherlink XL USB works. sol8 needs patch 109866 to elxl driver
Dell Optiplex GX150 900mhz celeron 8,9 Xsun, Nvidia TNT2
(or Xsun, Intel 810)
3com 905C-TX
NIC works with sol9 out of the box. To use with sol8, disable NIC in BIOS for install. Then install patch 109866 to get access to the elxl0 net interface. Also, you may have to use 'j' and 'k' instead of up/down arrows during install.
Dell PowerEdge 1600 SC 2x2.8ghz Xeon 9 Xsun, ATI Rage Pro Intel NIC
NIC works out of box. vendor drivers for LSI Ultra 320 SCSI. USB does not seem to work properly.
Gateway G6400   8,9 Xsun+XFree,XF86-ATI
(ATI RagePro)
onboard iprb0
Early BIOS versions may require ACPI be disabled
HP 8485Z     Xsun, riva TNT2 (nv) 3com NIC
USB works
IBM Netfinity 3000 500mhz PIII Sol8 Xsun, S3 Trio3D (S3 Trio3D) Intel NIC
Use the onboard SCSI controllers. Sound (Crystal) not recognized)
IBM Netfinity 7000     Xsun,ATI Rage intel NIC
Use the standard SCSI controllers, and stay away from using the RAID controllers
VA Linux 1220 1U 2x800Mhz P3; 8,9 N/A built-in iprb USB works. Sol8 needs acpi-user-options=0x02

To report an additional system as working, please use the submission form