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If your laptop works with Solaris, please submit a report about it, so that it can be included in the list at

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Versions of Solaris used Solaris 8
Solaris 9
Solaris 10
Manufacturer and model of laptop
EG: Sony Vaio Z600TEK
Graphics hardware type, AND which Xserver you are using, AND which video type in kdmconfig, etc.
 hwtype  ATI Mobility Radeon
 Xserver Xsun+xfree
 config  XF86-S3
Working USB?
(Please, PLEASE try to test it, if you have not already)
Cannot test
Ethernet type, and how it works. Examples:
"Intel NIC, works out of the box"
"RealTek NIC, drivers from vendor"
If there is no on-board ethernet, AND you are not using any add-on card,please specify "none".
Any extra install notes you would like to add?