pkgzip, by Markus Gyger

pkgzip takes a Solaris SVR4 package with relocatable files and zips these inside the package's directory. The result is that such a modified package looks like a regular package but the sysadmin doesn't have to deal with unzipping it first because it does this transparently. Sun is using the same method on their Solaris 8 and 9 Software CD-ROMs to save space without having to change the installation procedure of packages (e.g. pkginfo works the same on a zipped or unzipped package, no additional steps required).

pkgzip does it by zipping the "reloc" subdirectory tree and placing the zip file in the "archive" subdirectory. At pkgadd time a class action script like "i.none" in the "install" subdirectory does the installation of the files transparently. It's useful because less steps for the installation are necessary and installation might be considerably faster, depending on the system (e.g. devices with long seek times like CD-ROM drives) and number/size of files. For datastream packages, the temporary space used in /var/tmp (or to whatever TMPDIR is set) is smaller and since there only goes the zipped file and not a whole unzipped directory tree that would be copied file by file it's usually faster.


If you have a package directory, called GMUssh2:
$ pkgzip -s ssh-3.1.0-s8-sparc.pkg GMUssh2
This adjusts the GMUssh2 package, adding a script to it, and then does a pkgtrans on the result to create the ssh-3.1.0-s8-sparc.pkg file.

Unfortunately, pkgzip will not work on packages that have custom 'class' groups with install scripts. It will also not work on non-relocatable packages.

The best way to get a pkgzip "executable", is now to use the opencsw pkgzip package. Use pkg-get to install, if you dont have it already. The executable for pkgzip is pure perl, so if you want "source", just install or extract the package, and you'll have it.

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End of description of pkgzip, by Markus Gyger

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