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Books available through the LA chapter library

LDAP System Administration
  by Gerald Carter
Checked IN
Practical UNIX & Internet Security
  by Garfinkel, Spafford & Schwartz
Checked IN
XML and Perl
  by Mark Riehl and Ilya Sterin
Checked IN
Network Intrusion Detection
  by Northcutt and Novak
Checked IN
Building Linux Clusters
by Charles Bookman
Checked IN
Building Linux VPNs Checked IN
Python Web Programming Checked IN
MySql: Building User Interfaces Checked IN
Vi IMproved -- VIM Checked IN
POSIX.4 - "Programming for the real world" Checked IN
Compilers - Principles, Techniques, and Tools
 Aka "The (red) dragon book", by Aho, Sethi, and Ullman
Checked IN
Designing from both sides of the screen
 software design from the perspectives of a programmer AND a UI designer
Checked IN
Java for the web, with servlets, JSP and EJB
 A developer's guide to scalable J2EE Solutions
Checked IN
Programming languages - concepts and constructs
  By Sethi
Checked IN
Modern Operating Systems
  By Tanenbaum
Checked IN
UNIX Network Programming (By Stevens) Checked IN
Solaris porting guide
(not so much specifically 'porting' from any one system, as a "here are a whole bunch of C-level things you can do with solaris". Covers RPC, NIS, AIO, Threads, STREAMs, IPC, ... Published in 1993, but most things still very valid)
Checked IN
Solaris 8 network adminstrator study guide Checked IN
Developing Online Games -- An Insider's Guide
  By J. Mulligan & B. Patrovsky
Checked IN
MacOS Security
  By Potter, Norvell & Wotring
Checked IN

Anyone may reserve a book, then come to a meeting and pick it up [email Phil to reserve]. Please note that your name will go on this web page indicating that you have it.

You may keep the book only until the next meeting. If you like it enough that you want it longer - Please buy the book from New Riders! Email Phil asking for our group code and discounts. Not so much for the discount really, but so that our group gets credit for the purchase, and so the group will get more free books!

Similarly, if you would like to donate a book to the library, please talk to Phil

Sub-note: some of the books belong to Phil directly, so DO be courteous about returning them after a month!

Thanks go to New Riders Publishing for their user-group free book program.