Solaris x86 survey

Thanks to everyone for voting! Our efforts have paid off - Sun is now offering a choice of linux OR Solaris x86, on their new "LX50" x86-based server

I'm keeping this voting page here for posterity's sake, for a while.

As Sun has publically announced, they are planning on releasing a new x86-based server sometime in the future. The announcements so far have only mentioned Linux as an available OS installed on the box. This poll is to gauge whether Sun's customers are interested in other x86-based solutions from Sun.

NOTE: If you are not a "buying customer", please do not frivolously answer this survey. Inaccurate responses will only backfire for the long term.

Please input one value for each question below.

You MUST give a valid email address to vote!!

You may be contacted via email to validate a real person answered the survey questions, either by, or by Sun. Your email address will not be sold to third parties.

This is only a survey to indicate potential interest in products. This is NOT in any way a commitment to buy a box or service contracts from Sun.

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Would you be interested in purchasing an x86-based server from Sun with Solaris x86 preinstalled?
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Would you be interested in buying laptops with Solaris x86 and StarOffice pre-installed? Yes

Alternatively, you may see a summary of the results so far.

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